1. Energy
a. Oil (Existing Company operations ONLY; NO start‐ups unless contract backed)
b. Gas
c. Wind
d. Solar
e. Any newly formed proprietary patented technology , tested and verified
f. Water

2. Services
a. Sr. Living / Assisted living (with FULL medical infrastructure/support included)
b. Hospital
c. Nursing Homes
d. Medical retreat facilities
e. R&D Labs
f. Water treatment
g. reclamation /recycling
h. Waste Management

3. Products
a. medical
b. commercial invention (on a qualified basis)
c. Textiles
d. Agricultural (except crops, produce farms unless part of a retail re‐sale operation)
e. Health Products

4. Transportation (Aviation, Ships and Trucking)

Talking LEVERAGE! Typically 1.5: 100%LTC … From 8% Rate up to 10 Years
You Will Need 20 – 30% capital for Down Payment With Your Bank or, 1.5% With us.
Two Other Things You Need… Courage and a Great Project. Fee at Funding From 3.0%.

From $5 Million (USA) up to $750 Million on Expansions and Startups

No Personal Guarantees
Not Credit Driven
No Dilution of Common Stock Shares

Any or all of the above may change without notice. This is not a solicitation