Subject: Reply from From Buyer Mandate to Dore Seller FCO.

Re: Your Gold Dore Bar Offer

Most purported sales offers are fraudulent. As mentioned plain and simple tipoff is a request/demand that the Buyer provides payment or payment capability first. This is a direct indication that the “Seller” does not have the gold to sell. Instead the “Seller” wants to use the Buyer’s purchase commitment to buy the dore/gold from someone else. These attempts are illegal and are actively avoided by all valid Buyers.

Please note that we do not accept any offers of gold if the Seller wants us to pay in advance for any reason what soever or that we should provide a Proof-of-Funds, via MT103/23 ; MT760; SBLC, Escrow or any other type of bank instrument.

No Proof-of-Funds or guarantee is ever required because the Seller is always in control of their gold product and the title of their gold product is not or never transferred until the Seller is paid. Then, and only then, in exchange of payment ownership is transferred. SIMPLE.

The Seller’s obligations are :- Payment of Export taxes, freight charges, insurance and all costs to the FTZ or Buyer’s destination and Seller’s travel & hotel costs to FTZ or Buyer’s destination

The Buyer’s obligations are :-_ All customs and duties, customs clearance, value added taxes, taxes at the airport of destination (if applicable) security from FTZ or airport to refinery for smelting, assaying and certification of gold. We do not make advance payments until the gold has been smelted, assayed and certified and on some
transactions delivered.

In closing, if this Seller is RWA to deliver his Dore CIF as per above, then we will purchase all of the product that he can deliver.

Private sale, Swiss procedures, or not, as per the following current.

World Gold Council International Procedure
MUST blowed in any gold transaction :-

1. International Precious Metals Legislation does not allow Buyers to first send or sign a LOI because it is considered soliciting and is strictly forbidden;

2. The Seller or his Mandate must first issue an FCO and any and all AU metal offers must clearly show the Seller;

3. Seller or Seller’s mandate MUST move first with an FCO which should include POP, metal license details and banking;

4. The Buyer/Buyer's Mandate submits an RWA (Ready, Willing and Able) with a permission to do a soft probe.

5. The Seller/Seller's Mandate and Buyer/Buyer's Mandate exchange signed and sealed contract with full banking coordinates.

6. Seller/Seller's Mandate extends an invitation for the Buyer's bullion officer to contact the Seller's Bullion Officer; In closing if the Sellers cannot conform to the above please advise them that we have no interest in pursuing this transaction and that we wish them the very best in their endeavors in selling their gold.

I sent this letter to one Seller from Africa and this was his coments to me.

Thank for the information
I have solved this problem.

1. I now have a Lawyer selling my Gold.
We made a contract for him to sell my Gold with SKR.
2. We sell Lawyer to Lawyer only.
3. Bank to Bank or
4. Brinks to Brinks only.
5. We make up my cextra costs with we are able to get more price on are gold and selling more.

Thank again